The present Agreement regulates all matters concerning cooperation and business relationships that arise or may arise between NFP Federal Ltd (the Company) and the Client (the Investor) during provision of services to the Clients.

1 General Provisions

1.1. Any person who has reached the age of majority, regardless of their country of residence, social status and religion has the right to become a Company's Client.

1.2. An Internet User is considered a Client and therefore party to the agreement only upon opening an account on our website and accepting our terms and conditions.

1.3. The Clients do not need to provide any identity documents, or documents that contain personal information.

1.4. The Company and the Client give confirmation that any interaction of both Parties has the properties of a private transaction. Any conditions and details of such a transaction should not be disclosed to anyone.

1.5. All actions undertaken by the Client is voluntary.

1.6. By registering on the website, each Client accepts all the conditions of the present Agreement in its entirety, without any exception. If the Client disagrees with any of the provisions of the present Agreement, the Client may not use provided services.

1.7. Agreement can be changed at any time. The company management has the right to add or delete any parts of this Agreement without notice to the Clients. The changes will come into force from the moment of posting the revised Agreement on the website.

1.8. If the Client has violated the Agreement, the website administration has right to block the personal account without a refund.

2 Registration Procedure

2.1. The use this Resource (the website) is possible only after registration, as a result of which an account is created..

2.2. The Client is obliged to provide current and complete information about himself during registration (correct email). Email will be used in case the Client lose a password. In order to access a personal account, the User has to choose a login and password.

2.3. The Client is obliged to observe complete confidentiality while storing his password, login (Authorization Data) and other details used by the Client on the company website.

2.4. The Company is not responsible for personal information leakage if the Client accidentally or intentionally has provided access to their account to third parties.

2.5. The Client confirms that the safety of Authorization Data in the security and inaccessibility of third parties is solely his personal responsibility.

2.6. The Client is warned that neither NFP Federal Ltd, nor any of its employees, may request that the Client disclose a password to access his account.

2.7. The Client undertakes to notify the Company in case of any changes in the information about himself when registering.

2.8. In the case of losing his account password, the Client has the right to start the procedure of resetting the password free of charge. Having completed the procedure, a new password will be sent to Client's e-mail.

2.9. Each User can have only one account in the project. Upon detection of multi-accounts the website administration reserves the right to block these accounts without refund.

3 Payments & withdrawals

3.1. The Company is obliged to calculate and pay the income in accordance with the service investment plans.

3.2. The Сlient has the right to transfer money to the account in the system by any of the ways available on the website.

3.3. Payment of referral commissions is made only in the currency of the e-payment system used by a particular referral to make deposit.

3.4. The Company does not pay referral commissions for deposits made by a referral from his account balance.

3.5. The Сlient has the right to open one or more parallel deposits at his own discretion.

3.6. The Company reserves the right to change the regulations, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at its sole discretion without prior notice to the participants. Client agrees that it is their sole responsibility to review the current terms.

3.7. The Company does not entitle the Client to withdraw the sum of the deposit in advance, all deposits are final.

3.8. The Client has the right to withdraw accrued profits using the same e-currency that was used for the opening Deposit.

3.9. The Client has the right to dispose of the profit at his own discretion.

3.10. In order to withdraw funds the Сlient is obliged to provide payment details to the administration of the company.

3.11. The Client agrees to use only the payment instruments that belong to him to replenish the balance in the system and withdraw funds.

3.12. The company is not liable for incorrectly specified details and payments sent to incorrectly specified requisites.

3.13. The Сlient agrees that he will not file claims for losses that arose as a result of the fact that he violated this Agreement.

3.14. All withdrawal requests are processed in manual mode. Payout schedule – processing of request for payment of funds within 48 business hours.

3.15. The Company has the right to refuse to provide services to any Сlient without explaining the reasons. Funds will be returned back to Client's account.